Interviews and Essays


“Nathan Hill Is Compared to John Irving. Irving Compares Him to Dickens”
Profile in The New York Times

“With Debut Novel ‘The Nix,’ Author Nathan Hill Finds Success After Years of Struggle”
Interview with NPR’s Here & Now

“Nathan Hill in Conversation with John Irving”
A chat with John Irving at the International Festival of Authors

Nathan Hill at the Miami Book Fair
TV interview with PBS’s Book View Now

“If you lose everything you’ve written, start a new novel”
Interview with Minnesota Public Radio

“Nathan Hill on The Nix, Satirizing the Media, and Capturing the Absurdity of America in Fiction”
Q&A with Slate

“Fictional Facts: In an age of fake news and ‘alternative truths,’ novels like Nathan Hill’s ‘The Nix’ are striking a chord”
Interview with Pacific Sun Magazine

“‘The Nix,’ A Conversation with Nathan Hill”
Q&A with the Huffington Post

“The Nix by Nathan Hill”
Episode of the Book Talk Podcast

“Nathan Hill: Unpuzzling It All”
Q&A with Bookanista

“Debut author Nathan Hill talks about writing ‘The Nix'”
Interview with the Tampa Bay Times

“The Things That Matter”
Video interview with the Amazon Book Review

“Talking to the Author of The Nix, Fall’s Splashiest Debut Novel”
Q&A with New York Magazine

“Nathan Hill on Front Row”
Interview with BBC Radio 4

“Nathan Hill’s debut novel digs deep into a mother-son relationship”
Interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“Nathan Hill on The Nix”
Episode of the Avid Reader Podcast

“Naples author’s debut novel drawing rave reviews”
Profile in the Naples Daily News

“The Book of Everything”
Interview with Florida Weekly

“Interview with Nathan Hill”
Episode of the Professional Book Nerds Podcast



“Giving Voice to the Victims of Growth”
The New York Times Book Review

“This Novel Opens With a Suicide and a Suitcase of Cash. Then Things Get Really Interesting”
The New York Times Book Review

“Game On: The Overwatch Videogame League Aims to Become the New NFL”
Wired Magazine

“Postcard From the Pandemic: A Solid Little Feeling”
Poets & Writers

“Novak Djokovic’s Moment of True Greatness”
ESPN the Magazine

“Playing Dungeons & Dragons Alone”
Powell’s Books Blog

“I Made This For You: A Novelist Writes a Mother’s Day Gift
Gulfshore Life

“Havoc & Squirm: Nathan Hill’s Favorite Funny Reading”
Personal Essay for the Barnes & Noble Review